USB Audio Interface vs. USB Audio Mixer( Akai vs Behringer)
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    Default USB Audio Interface vs. USB Audio Mixer( Akai vs Behringer)


    my setup :
    - CMD Stuido 4a
    - Korg Volca Bass
    - Korg Volca Sample
    - Elektron Analog Four

    My target is to semi-live perform based on Traktor Pro + live Analog Sound
    Volcas are sync with Traktor via MIDI Interface.

    Question :

    Which choice will be smarter/better ( also for my pocket) for live play . USB Audio Interface or USB Audio Mixer ?

    USB Audio Interace:
    - AKAI Eie Pro ;

    USB Audio Mixer:
    - Behringer Xenyx QX1202FX ;

    This is my amateur hobby setup. I've rather play live for myself or perform from a tree in the garden than record .
    I've already spent too much on it . I will be glad if you can help me with this decision because I don't want to mess it up with bad choice.

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    The mixer would be a better choice - I don't see any reason that it needs to be USB though unless for recording purposes ?

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    So here are the pros and cons to those two pieces of equipment which you should really look at;

    Akai EIE Pro;
    Pros: On paper it looks to provide better fidelity than the Xenyx
    Cons: Any channel processing will have to be done by the computer and "may" add latency to your overall setup

    Behringer Xenyx;
    Pros: Will handle channel EQ'ing and some basic compression withouth the need of a computer
    Cons: On paper it does not offer the same fidelity as the EIE Pro

    So with all of that out of the way I would suggest you ask yourself this. Do you need to do any EQ'ing or processing on any of your other gear? If not the EIE pro will offer you better fidelity according to the white papers. Otherwise the Xenyx can work as well.

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