Pioneer CDJ 200 not turning on
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    Default Pioneer CDJ 200 not turning on

    So I've recently got my hands on a Pioneer CDJ 200 which won't power on. The fuse is blown but after switching it out with a working one, it still won't power on. The guy who owned it before me mentioned that he previously had to replace a broken capacitor, but I don't know enough about electronics to go about fixing this

    Would anyone know anything about this problem, or could point me towards some repair guides/etc ?

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    After you installed the working fuse and attempted to power it on did that new fuse blow or is it still good?

    Capacitors are known to go bad over time. Sometimes they show it by swelling up but even those that don't appear swollen can be bad. Diagnosing electronic circuits can very tricky. You will most likely want a professional to take a look at it. I suggest trying to find one that can do circuit diagnostics and surface mount soldering.

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