Traktor scratch A6 viable for playing real vinyl? DJM-450
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    Default Traktor scratch A6 viable for playing real vinyl? DJM-450

    Sorry this is a spin off of another thread i made earlier but has different questions so probably warrants it's own thread...

    I've just purchased a DJM-450 it comes with RekordBox DVS but it's not even close to being on the same level as Traktor Scratch DVS.

    I have been looking at the possibility of switching back to Traktor but have a few questions.

    I have only ever used certified mixers (DNX1600 or Z2).. I've been looking at the Scratch A6 (newest version) and this will at least give me the best of both worlds.

    I play a lot of real vinyl though so I'm curious how that works in the software? the new A6 has no hardware buttons.

    Is it just a case of switching to THRU (Direct Input) in the software? - Assuming this can be midi mapped to a button it's not a problem.

    I'm also worried about the sound coming through from real vinyl, on my old S4 the volume was incredibly low. I can't remember how well it come through on the Z2? It's a standalone mixer so should be fine.

    Failing this, what other mixer alternatives do I have? I don't want to go back to the DNX1600 and not overly excited about the Z2, it's dated.

    In short...
    1. I play a lot of real vinyl though so I'm curious how A6 works in the software?
    2. Is it just a case of switching to THRU (Direct Input) in the software?
    3. Can it be midi mapped?
    4. How is the sound from real vinyl? compared to digital?
    5. How is the sound through real vinyl from Z2?
    6. Are there any other mixers I can look at that will work with Traktor DVS?

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm feeling a little deflated after this rekordbox purchase so I want to get it right.


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    I'm currently using an A8 and vinyl sounds pretty good. I don't notice any difference in audio fidelity when playing through the A8 as opposed to not going through it.

    1. Vinyl works pretty well, though Traktor kind of freaks out because you're not using the timecode media. It's funny to see the Traktor platters spin forward and reverse when vinyl is playing.
    2. I'm using the multi-core cables so when I want to play vinyl, I switch to line-in on the DJM-800 and play. When I want to use timecode media, I switch back to Phono. I also believe you'll need to plug a power supply into the A6/A8 when you want to use the THRU feature.
    3. Don't know. I've never tried.
    4. Since many of my records are older (at least 20 years old or so), they still sound good, though there is some popping and crackles. I've accepted it as just being vinyl so it's not a problem for me. As I've said before, I don't hear a major difference in audio quality from vinyl and digital.
    5. I don't know, but I would love to try out a Z2. I've been looking at them on eBay, but couldn't pull the trigger.
    6. According to NI, the following mixers are Scratch certified:
    Allen & Heath: Xone:4D, PX5
    Denon: DN-X1600, DN-X1700
    Ecler: EVO5
    Korg: Zero4, Zero8
    Pioneer: DJM-900NXS, DJM-900NXS2, DJM-850, DJM-T1
    Rane: MP2015

    Hope that helps.


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    A/B switch per tt and send it to A6 for dvs or mixer for regular vinyl.

    Replace the djm with analog mixer (xone 23, Ecler Nuo 2.0) to avoid double ad/da conversion or wait for a possible new Traktor certified 2ch mixer (A&H PX2 would be nice to happen).

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    You open up the audio 6 control panel and set the interface to startup as thru. This way you are always good to go with vinyl, but can easily make the switch in the software when it's time to get down on timecode.
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    Thanks for all the replies... I'm currently considering the A6 or Z2.

    More than likely Z2.. I'll be sad to see the Pioneer go, i like it's small compact size but ultimately I just want a nice DVS experience and the Z2 will do this the best.

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