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    Default DIY MIDI Controller Project


    For my project I am creating a DIY MIDI DJ mixer. I am using this link as a reference;

    My mixer will consist of;
    --21 potentiometers
    --5 slide potentiometers
    --43 buttons
    --3 rotary encoders
    --one large display
    --two 4-digit 7-segment displays
    --Various amount of LED's

    That's a lot of I/O pins!!!!

    I plan on using Teensy 3.6 MCU's.

    My question is, can I interface multiple MCU's in my project in order to account for all the I/O pins?

    -If so, this would theoretically help me reduce as much time delay as possible right?

    Thank you.


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    You can use SPI or I2C to daisy chain microcontrollers, but I imagine one Teensy 3.6 is powerful enough to handle all these components. You can use shift registers to reduce the amount of pins needed on the Teensy.
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    O man please no don't chain these things just use multiplexers, check out my build post here to see how I did it.

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