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    Aside from cleaning, you should be fine meng. DJM800's are pretty good at having warnings before they just have parts go out (eq pots not performing perfectly, fader bleed, etcetera).

    A like new DJM800 runs around $450 with refurbs running around $5-600, so keep that in mind if you ever need to replace parts with OEM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amz91 View Post
    The audio output on channels 3 and 4 sound really bad at the minute as though I have the trim right up so I was going clean/swap the rca ports to see if it makes a difference and also the headphones port if it's still temperamental after trying a new adapter

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    it looks pretty easy to swap out. You can buy the faders for 59.99 on Amazon. The headphone jack is a little tougher I would assume.
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    For cleaning I tend to use a microfiber cloth on the exterior. It's ok to dampen it with water/water with a little bit of dish soap.

    For connectors/ports I always advise trying Deoxit D or G series spray. Spray liberally and wipe away excess. (I keep a can in my gig tool bag)

    For faders Deoxit F is the prefered way to clean out faders without damaging the components.

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