Pioneer DDJ-RR + Serato?
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    Default Pioneer DDJ-RR + Serato?

    Is there a way that the DDJ-RR can work with Serato DJ?
    Sometimes I play at small private gigs, and the size of the DDJ-RR is what I want. I had the DDJ-SX2, but want a even smaller controller for Serato DJ that has all the bells & whistles of the SX2.
    A roumer says that there will come a Pioneer DDJ-SR2 for Serato DJ at the end of this year, but don't think I can wait that long :P

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    Nope, DDJ-R devices are for Rekordbox and DDJ-S ones for Serato. Serato gets a cut of all the sales of DDJ-S devices so I'm guessing it will be a conflict of interests if they add the support.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the SR gets replaced since it's been out for quite a while and looks quite dated compared to the rest of the line.

    If you want a smaller option the Numark NV or NVII are ok alternatives, roughly the same size of the SR yet keeping 4 decks and displays. Build is not as tough tho.

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