Hey everyone. What i'm hoping to turn this article into is a place to share ideas and beliefs when it comes to self promotion. The book is available for free download in the Self promotion article. If you've read it post your thoughts and reference pages from the book to make it easy to follow.

After reading this article I took the advice and downloaded Unleashing the Ideavirus. What a freaky concept. I don't know if everyone here has read it but I think we can all benefit from starting a discussion solely on that book. I agree on using identity instead of image but what is the line. Also the concept of earning the right to be heard seems to be a tricky one.

There was something I learned from reading a book called "Presentation secrets of Steve Jobs" When presenting anything you must always answer the question "Why should I (the customer) care?" This falls in line with earning the right to be heard. Why in a crowded market where there is no vacuum (basically, no room for "just another DJ", it's a term from the unleashing the idea virus).

I think in a crowded market the most effective way to standout is to have everyone talking about you. Refer to Pg 60. "How many people know about it before spreading starts" The idea is that you either launch big or small. I want to focus on launching big. I'll make my point with a story. Years ago when watching TV I began seeing a ton of DHL ads. Then within a couple weeks of seeing that I swear there were DHL trucks everywhere in my city. I think the same concept needs to be applied to DJ promotion. When your name appears to be all over town and everyone is seeing it and talking about you, it seems as if you popped up overnight and no one wants to miss out on the new and hot DJ. Repetition and persistence will spread your name.

Will post more as I continue reading.