To replace USB connection of S4 or not to.
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    Default To replace USB connection of S4 or not to.

    I stuck my S4 into a faulty USB slot. Right after that i did the same with a USB stick. This is what happened to the stick:

    I opened up the S4 and couldn't find any burn marks on the front or backside of the plate where the USB connection is soldered to. Question now is, should i go through the hassle and replace the connector? I can get all the tools and i know a pro who has some awesome manual motor skills to see it through. I just have to order the replacement piece for hopefully not that much money.

    Windows DOES recognize the S4 sometimes, but when it does it shows an error (can't start device, code 10).

    Any advice would be appreciated. Sūl.
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    You'll want to hit up NI before you spend any money to ensure the USB port replacement will in fact solve your problem or if it needs a new board. Best case scenario is that the port went bad.

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    Thx, i'll ask them before ordering any new parts. I wonder what a new (backside-)board would cost.

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    Looks like now i got a whole machine full of spare parts for my new machine. And my friends' machines. Case closed.

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