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    Default Scratching for controllers DJ

    Hey all, have any of you ever tried to scratch with your controllers? Has anyone ever taken this or any course at Digital DJ tips? I've never scratched but have thought about learning the art of it. Would love any feedback.

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    I have zero experience with DJ Digital Tips courses but they are a great resource. I'm sure its loaded with great instructors and info. However, there are plenty of free videos on Youtube with the information you seek. While not controller specific, this video does a good job of explaining several scratches and the theory behind it all. I started scratching pre youtube, sometime in the late 90s. It was rough being in a rural area with no other DJs to ask questions. The struggle was real. When the X-Ecutioners released Built to Scratch in 03 or 04 it really opened up a whole new world.

    There are probably better videos out there now and I'm sure some users on this forum will have suggestions. This is what I started with and it really helped me out.

    Scratching on a controller is not as satisfying as it is on tables but its still fun IMO. I have a hard time doing certain scratches without an active platter (spinning) but there are DJs with much more talent that can do it all on a controller.

    Best of luck man.

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