Ddj sb2 fader tab broke. (3 mths old). Help?
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    Default Ddj sb2 fader tab broke. (3 mths old). Help?

    It broke jus like it was a cheap toy from a dollar store. I still have the tab. Thought about tryin to crazy glue it. But afraid if I get a drop of glue down in the fader slide. It would cause other problems. As of now I can slide the fader. Barely. With the lil piece of metal that the tab attaches too. Also. Someone said it could be soddered. But I have no sod equitpt. I went back to the local Gitaur center where I got it. They said. Well. If u would've purchased the extra insurance. We could've prob helped u. But since I didn't I was S O L far as them. An at this location. They don't repair anyways. So this leaves me with the upgraded tabs. Can I open up the controller. And switch the fader hardware. To one of the up fader box sliders. Etc ? I don't wanna open the machine up Cus it could void my warranty. But then again it looks like my warranty ain't doing me much good because I've also contacted pioneer. To no reply. And getting thru to there customer service phone number your on hold for hours. Suggestions ? Advice ? Anyone had this problem ? Link to a video? Desperate.

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    Insist with Pioneer until you get a straight answer. If you weren't particularly rough on the faders (be honest) which could be labeled as improper use you should be protected by the warranty as a manufacturing defect on the fader.

    If you get Pioneer to tell you "no, we won't cover it" only then you can proceed to sending it to another place for repairs or attempting to do it yourself, otherwise you are guaranteed to void the warranty on your unit.

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