Hi all,

Sure enough this topic has probably been covered quite a bit over the years, however im looking for some solutions to stream audio from one mac to another.

I have already tried AU Lab but for some reason i can host on one computer(works fine), however can't on the other. doesn't seem to want to connect to sending computer....really strange i know.

Im using bidule to send midi from slave computer to host. The midi is working perfectly however stuck on getting audio across.

Sound flower is also out of the questions as it just uses the AUNetSend.AuNetReceive like AU Lab does.

If i could get it working it would be a great little setup up but can't understand why it would work form MAC(Laptop) - MAC(Desktop) but not MAC(Desktop) - MAC(PC)

Also tried WormHole2 but because its a VST plugin it seems to be quite buggy with Bidule. One minute its seen by bidule but my other VST's are not and next it's not seen but my other VST's are.

I know would do the VEPRO route but not prepared to spend 300 just yet.

Any thoughts would be welcome.