Mounting KRK Rokits?
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    Default Mounting KRK Rokits?

    Hi DJTT, first post here in ages. I've been getting back into mixing more lately as well as started doing experimenting a bit with production. As part of that I've wanted to go over my setup a little. One of the things I've thought about is the positioning of my KRK Rokit monitors, currently my setup looks like this:

    I'm not sure if having the monitors on a shelf like that is the best option, they are too low (based on the KRK recommendations) and they also take up desk space which I'd like to use for more gear in the future. I've been thinking about wall mounting them using a standard mounting kit (like you'd use for HiFi speakers), but reading around the web a lot of peole seem to recommend against this. Do you folks have any other ideas on what I could use to elevate my monitors whilst freeing up some space, are there compact desk stands for example?
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    I have them on the original mounts sold separately from krk. dj setup Robb Wood.jpg

    I use to have them like this: producer desk.jpg

    The sound character is changed a lot, but that has more to do with the fact they went from a corner position to a more open space.
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