This one is a bit of an experiment, there are some tracks in it that where hot in my youth when i discovered raving, i thought it would be fun to let them come by one more time to see if they hold up against today's techno, i feel like they do, i did add some more punch to the low ends of those tracks, but that is the only thing missing, you could set these off in any club...


Andreas Florin - Analog Assassins (Emir Hazir Remix)
Steve Mulder, Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N. - Leave (Original Mix)
Undisclosed - Inception (Original Mix)
NOSEDA - Face Off (Original Mix)
Amelie Lens - Drift (Original Mix)
Morgan Tomas, The Welderz - Clocked (The Welderz Remix)
Fixeer - Limit (Original Mix)
Sven Wittekind - Down
Two Pieces - Magic Bells
Tronikhouse - Uptempo
Luca Agnelli - Substrate (Original)
Sintoma - Your Control (A.Paul Redub)
KAPEG - Ka001 (Original mix)
Sintoma, Xpansul - Mosfet (Xpansul Remix)
Lesia Karz - Love (2nd Phase Remix)
Speedy J - Pull Over
Marco Effe - Damaged Societies
Dast - Panthalassa (Clio Remix)
Resonance (US) - Qe09 (Original Mix)
Kaiser (Italy) - Medusa (Original Mix)
Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase
Speedy J - Something For Your Mind (Exposure Remix)
Apta Beatz - The Core (Original Mix)
Josement - Abstract To Concrete (Original Mix)
Chad Kaska - Driver (Plukkk Remix)