Tips for using Live Lite?
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    Lightbulb Tips for using Live Lite?

    Does anyone have some tips for using Ableton live lite? Or just tips for just someone new to live? It's the version that I have. (It came with my launchpad)
    Been doing pretty well I think with what I have but I could use all the help I can get.


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    For getting started I'd recommend to have a look at the built-in lessons (Help -> Help View) and the Learning section:


    In addition you can also find a bunch of videos and tutorials on the web.

    When starting with a new or different DAW there's usually a certain learning curve involved in general.
    But in the end it mainly comes down to 'learning by doing'.

    A good strategy is also to simply make a couple of projects in Live and learn along the way how everything works or where 'problems' might occur. When you're stuck somewhere or don't know exactly how you can do something specific in Live, you can usually find the answers by doing some research (manual, tutorials, guides, videos, etc.) or by posting questions about specific problems in forums
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    Print off the manual. It's definitely worth it. pepper it with page pointers and highlight important parts.

    Also, print off (separately) all of the key short-cuts, and learn 'em. Take a highlighter to that page, and highlight the ones you use often.
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    Search Sadowick on YouTube and look for his Ableton Live beginners course playlist.

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