Presonus Fp 10 work as soundcard for DJing?
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    Default Presonus Fp 10 work as soundcard for DJing?

    Hi everyone I rented a presonus fp 10 (previously firepod) because my audiofire2 is getting serviced. I know it has much to many outputs that I need but it was all that was available.

    I use a vci 100 with traktor pro. So when I set my Master Outputs everything is fine and it all sounds great when set up with my amp and speakers. Then I try to assign my Monitor outputs but I can not pre-listen any track using cue. I tried all possibille outputs but no luck?

    Is it possible to prelisten with the firepod? Or am I just missing something?
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    if its anything like the firebox you might have to route the headphone channels in the presonus mixer software

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