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    Default Need some speaker help

    I'm relatively new to the game of DJing and need some help understanding where I should go next. Just to clarify:
    - I have MIXTRACK PRO 3 decks (unbalanced RCA output only)
    - I have Mackie CR4 active speakers (RCA and TRS outputs)
    - JBL charge 2+

    I am thinking on buying some passive speakers to go with my setup. I have looked online and found out that for passive speakers I need to get a power amp as well as some stripped speaker cables to connect the amp to the passives. The outputs are coming from a single RCA from my decks. Here are some of the things I'd really appreciate people helping me with:

    1. I would like to connect the mackies with the JBL not with splitters but with an alternative means of connection (like a switcher but with a simultaneous sound, not just one output at one time)

    2. How would I go about connecting the passive speakers and powered amp with the mackies

    3. Which powered amp is best for the things that I'm doing and what do I need to know about resistance and series against parallel.

    Any help is appreciated, I hope this is the right forum section. Thanks a load

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    Best advice about passive speakers and amps...just don't. We are at a day in age where powered speakers are reigning FAR superior to amped passive speakers. They aren't worth the extra set up time or gear when you plug an active speaker into a wall, where as if you get 1, 3 way passive speaker, you'll need 2 amps anyways. I'd reccomend qsc k12s, Yamaha Dxr12s, or mackie thumps. As far as mixers go, head over to your local guitar center and check out their small band mixers

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    So we can give you better advice, can you explain what you are trying to achieve? Why do you want to connect multiple different speakers?

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