Witch setup to go for ? (S8 vs X1+F1+Z1)
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    Default Witch setup to go for ? (S8 vs X1+F1+Z1)

    Evrithing is in the tittle ... i do not know lot about mixing exected that i like techno, and wanted to play with ... I have to chose my firts setup for djing . and i don't know witch setup to go... so i ask for your advice

    Initialy i wanted to buy a S8, but a friend told me that it have a lot of overlaying wich can be boring ... i advise me to take a x1+F1+z1 he said it is a more modular system ( that can be cheapper and funier to start with ) the thing with this setup is that i have control over 2 track & 2 remi deck or stems , but no volume fader and eq for the 2 remix deck ... do you think it is a big deal for begining ? i could start with this and maybe later buy a real 4 channel mixer ?

    I also could buy the s8 and maybe if overlaying is boring buy a f1 after ?
    i don't want to spend more than 700 for a 2 hand product and if i can spend only 300 it is good for me

    So wich may you go ?

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    I found a Kontrol z1, an x1 mk2 and a f1 for 250. so i will go to modular setup ... can't wait to try the f1 step sequencer for remix set !

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    You should look at the s4 or S2. You can pick them up second hand really cheap and they are fantastic and do everything a S8 does and will do a lot more than a modular set up.

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    You lucky bugger.
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    I write this message for other readers later on!

    Iff you are a beginner and dont know how to beatmatch yet or you dont know what phrase mixing or harmonic mixing means, than you should not buy a 4 channel mixer to start with.

    Buy a cheap 2 channel mixer or start mixing at a friends house. Iff you get the feel and like what you are doing you can go and shop arround for your needs. You can also tryout software on your phone or tablet.
    There is a reason you can find a lot of controllers on second hand market, people buy them to fast.

    Iff you allready did all those things, follow your budget. All in one controllers are the best option for home users.
    Modular setup is best for the working dj or for having fun with you friends on location.

    As always this is my opnion, there are others

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