My MacBook Pro is not recognizing the sound card in my DJMS9. I have the appropriate drivers installed from the pioneer website too. I think the Type C port is not getting enough power since it has to go through the Type C to USB adaptor(the one from apple, brand new).
My Mac is a MacBook Pro(15 inch, 2016), 2.7 GHz intel core i7
processor, 16 GB 2133MHz LPDDR3 of memory/ram and is brand new
(purchased two days ago with 512 gb of space. My Serato version is
Serato DJ 1.9.6. The DJM-S9 Setting Utility version is 1.1.0, driver
version 1.1.0 as well. The sound card is recognized on another
computer(Windows), just not the MacBook. I plugged in a Serato box(Denon DS1) to the Mac and it did activate Serato with no issues. It is worth noting that I tried different Type c ports on the computer with different usb adaptors as well as different cables. No issue with the mixer really because it works on the other Windows computer and still passes sound through it. Geek Squad said it wasn't a computer issue and contact pioneer(waiting on their answer via email). Someone is wrong here and I'm stuck. If you guys have any ideas that'd be great!