Rap/Singer looking for live Dub (space echo + multitracks) hardware for performing
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    Default Rap/Singer looking for live Dub (space echo + multitracks) hardware for performing

    Ive started performing live and Id like to graduate from just singing and rapping over a beats Ive made stored as MP3s on my phone. I have three possible set-ups in my mind, each with increasing complexity, and I figure since DJs spend a lot of time on stage you might be able to help suggest some gear. Im hoping to do this 100% hardware if possible.

    What are some of the best devices for better sound quality, for playing just one track at a time general?

    For a simple set-up, Id like to have a high-quality playback device for my songs, with possibly the option to send moments of the track and my mic to a Space-Echo style delay plugin that I can tweak.
    Is this possible with say, a CDJ, The Boss Space Echo Emulation, and two expression pedals acting as send knobs (one to send CDJ to Space Echo, and one to Send my Voice to Space Echo).

    For a Dub Setup Id like to get a portable hardware mixer that will let me save multiple multitracks that I bounce down from my DAW and then store on the portable hardware mixer. So that, for each song in my set, I have separate volume control over Drums, Bass, Melodics, Other. When one song ends, I can load the the next songs multitrack, or maybe even change the order of the set list as I go depending on how the audience is responding. It would be cool if there was a Send to the Space Echo knob on each track too, or perhaps I would have to get a bunch of pedals.

    Consider for example this song. The performer changes the volume of each stem, and each stem takes a turn being sent to the space echo.
    0:21 Increases the Delay effect on particular Guitar chops
    0:52 Increases Delay effect on Snares
    1:10 Medium Delay wash on the Flute/Clav (not sure what instrument it is)

    Here is the closest video I could find, just minus the computer.

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    You could do all of that with Ableton Live + free plugins. The Tal-Dub free vst fx are awesome.

    Check out Kid Beyond on Youtube.

    Also, for a modular hardware set-up, check out Beardyman on YouTube.
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