Twister superknob detend + reset encoder value
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    Default Twister superknob detend + reset encoder value

    I have set up several superknobs on my twister, most of them with detend.
    When I map the encoders in Traktor and use the push to reset encoder value, only the regular CC completely resets. The super CC only goes from the 7 oclock position to the 10 oclock position.

    I want to map my high EQ to the regular CC and the mid EQ to the super CC. Both must get to 12 oclock when the encoder is pressed.

    Any ideas on how to set this up?

    My steps:
    In mf utility:
    - turn on dented
    - turn on superknob
    - turn on reset encoder value

    In traktor:
    - map high EQ to CC (turning left from indent
    - map mid EQ to CC (turning right from 7oclock position.

    Turning the encoder from the indent to the left does work fine. Turning back tot the 12 oclock pos leaves the mid EQ at 10 oclock...

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    Hey Ticey,

    What you could do is disable the "reset value" and then map some commands with direct value on your push buttons.

    High Adjust / button-direct / value=0.5
    Mid Adjust / button-direct / value=0.5

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    Thanks! Is was going to try this, but it looks like the superknob doesnt work with dented knobs.

    When I setup dented AND superknob, the regular CC starts at 0 at 7 oclock (full left) and the super CC starts at whatever I put into the utility (in this case at 10 oclock).
    Both CC's end at 127 at the 5 oclock pos (full right). Dented setting doent change the behaviour of the superknob unfortunately.

    Right now I have changed the mapping:
    1 knob to control hi + midhi
    1 knob to control low + midlow

    But if anyone has a way to make the superknob work with dented knobs, plz let me know!! Thats much more convenient😄

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