Anyone compared the digital out of the DJM800 to that of the DJM900 and found the latter to be higher fidelity? Preferably, this would be feeding the mixers SPDIF, as well. I know the NXS2 went from 32bit float to 64bit float, but the papers on the subject say that's more a matter of error correction with certain types of filters and effects, not so much audible with normal music, EQs, or summing. I also know Pioneer continuously improved the newer models' DAC and analog output stages, but I don't usually use the main analog outs to feed a sound system since I run to outboard digital DSPs for delays, eq, and crossover prior to the amps. I don't actually need the sound card or the extra effects in the DJM900s, either, I just find the DJM800's inherent "crunch" to its processing a bit much for my taste and the detail retrieval lacking compared to the non-standard best. Thanks.