Need Dimensions for Pioneer XDJ-RX
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    Default Need Dimensions for Pioneer XDJ-RX

    Hi guys, I'm in a bit of a sticky situation, my xdj-rx will be arriving on the 1st of august. The problem is I have to take it back on a tour on the 7th of august.

    I'm building a road case for it coz you can't find any cases in Sri Lanka at the moment. For this I looked every where for a blue print / Technical drawing of the unit with measurements of each section. But was unable to.

    I have attached an image for the measurements in in need for the time being... It will be great help if any one of you guys who has a XDJ RX could provide me with these info. Thank you in Advance!

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    Couldn't you just get the measurements of the unit on the website then scale it to the right size in Photoshop? You could then take those dimensions.
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