I have the Mixfader and LOVE it! I see some comments about it being a pain with connectivity, etc. Yes, the fact that it's bluetooth will have some latency with it. However, you will (as I was) definitely be surprised how sharp it cuts! I suggest getting the prolink. The MF links up with the prolink (instead of the app), so the already small latency is cut down even more! In regards to the control vinyl, I used it and it wasn't an issue for me at all. The only issue is that I have Android, and because of the shortcomings of that OS, there's a huge lag with control vinyl. I have yet to try it on IOS, but from what I see online, it looks pretty incredible.

So basically, don't let the bluetooth aspect of it scare you off of the Mixfader. It's an impressive piece of equipment! Remember, these are the same people that are making the phase, that was even impressing legends like QBert and Skratch Bastid!