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Hi all,

got a reply from NI support - hopefully this helps:

This is a known issue, which occurs when enabling Traktors FX units, Keylock & Filter for the first time - here is the corresponding Bug entry, for your reference:

• TP-9872 - enabling keylock, FX, and Filter causes LOAD spike and dropout

So this is a general software problem and has nothing to do with the performance or specs of your Macbook.

So at this point of time, we recommend to make sure to enable the FX-1 & FX-2 & Filter on/off buttons before you start your set and make sure that Keylock is already turned on or off depending if you use Keylock.

Our developers are lookoing for a solution and this will hopefully be fixed in a future Traktor release, since it currently affects all users and is obviously set as a "Major bug" and our developers are still looking for a reliable solution to prevent this problem in the future.
Damn. I havn't used traktor in so long, and figured this bug would have been rectified ages ago. I guess that's what happens when you forget about your DJ division.