DJ Etiquette- How do I deal with djs who dont respect a line up
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    Angry DJ Etiquette- How do I deal with djs who dont respect a line up

    So Im fairly new to the djing profession- In my musical genre there are hardly any women there, so we have to fight to get respect. Anyways, Ive been hired for a few festivals and one of my main pet peeves is having to deal with djs who are-

    A. Not in the line up and just show up hoping to play there anyways (yes for free), thus since im the newbie and almost always the only woman (they just assume I will agree because Im not as hostile as men), they want to steal my play hour . Im trying to make a name for myself, get exposure, get a decent play hour and It pisses me off that somebody would want me to give them 15 or 30 min of my time. And its always either famous names or nobodies, they all just want to steal the spotlight

    B. Are in the line up yet, they think they can steal other djs play hours just because they can , because they are the headliners and Im just the warmp up, I dont matter, people are there to see him.

    BTW- promoters look the other way, they dont care to deal with this, if you complain they see you as not a team player and a greedy bitch. How do I politically and diplomatically handle this situation

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    A. used to happen to me too. I am a male. Don't sweat it. A firm, polite "sorry, but no thanks" goes a long way.

    B. You are at the mercy of the headliner. If they want to come on early and play. Let them. Make sure you get paid the same as if you played your agreed upon time slot.

    The promoter doesn't care until it hits him/her in the wallet.
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    You NEED to have booking agreements. PM me and I will put together a booking agreement and rider for you to use. I will not charge you, and this will avoid any future beef.
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    Happened to me some years ago.
    I was resident in a Bar in the Center of Zurich (Switzerland) and Playing our Warm-up Party the Night before the Streetparade Event. (around 10-12 years ago)
    This Dutch guy who was here as a guest with his friends came over to me, told me he was a famous Dj in the Netherlands used to Play Events like Sensation White in the Amsterdam Arena (He must have been famous and I probably should have known him as playing Events with a few 10'000 People is not something a nobody is booked for) and asked if he could Play a Set.
    I told him to ask the Manager of the Place, who came over to me and said "Let him Play, you'll be paid anyway he gets free beer".
    It turned out he had no Music with him and he ended up playing with my CDs, but he was just amazing and I learned a lot of him that night and we left in contact a Long time untill we lost contact.
    He never told me his DJ Name and as it was Long before Social Media MAdness I never found it out and I certainly should have used that Connection more intensively...but I was with no Ambition back then....I just lived my Passion.
    So if you are Newbie maybe giving away 15-20min for a Headliner, you are able to take Profit out of it by socialising with this guy and it might bring you further in your carreer (if you're not as stupid as I was)

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