Which of the following 2 setups is good?
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    Default Which of the following 2 setups is good?

    Setup 1) Pioneer XDJ-RX All-in-One Controller


    Setup 2) Pioneer DJM-750 Mixer + 2 Pioneer CDJ-350's

    Both the 1st and the 2nd setup cost nearly the same price. The 2nd setup of Player+Mixer costs nearly 100$ more. But that's fine.

    Which of the above 2 setup is ideal for a DJ who is of beginner level but is looking to step up as well.

    Should one look for DJ gear outside Pioneer? Are there any issues considering that one has to eventually move to Club-Festival standard PIONEER gear some day.

    Please do give me your thoughts/suggestions on this. Would be of great help.
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    Personally, I'd go for option 2 if you can afford it. You can swap out the CDJs down the line if you want to.
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    the xdj rx is very nice, it has a lot more features than the cdj 350s do. i would look into xdj700s if you have the money. i own them and i love them. i also regularly play on the xdj rx. i think you will be dissapointed with the 350s

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    +1 for the XDJ-700. The CDJ-350 is really outdated and doesn't come close to their high-end gear.
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    While both options are good, learning on older gear would be more beneficial in the long run. I'm not saying go and buy 1200s, but if you go the cdj350/djm750 combo maybe look at getting a cdj400 or cdj1000mk3 to use as a 3rd deck.

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