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    maybe the bpm of the track is wrong , *Tap* it in the beat in this section Sans titre.jpg ( you need to reset bpm at 000,00 before )

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    Quote Originally Posted by keithace View Post
    try reloading the track. Change its location then reload it.
    that didnt work, tried with some metal cds assuming they would be less likely to have a bpm change and also dont mix songs together across the tracks, and these are having the same problem as well.

    i have tried ripping the cds to a different computer and then transfering them to this one, still same problem.

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    So it appears to only be from ripped cds as i downloaded a cd, and no problem with those

    not sure if this would be a cause but songs from the ripped cds are noticeably smaller in size and have a bit rate of 128kbps as apposed to the 320 from the download. is it possible that these songs have been compressed and and thats messing with it?

    does traktor prefer certain sound files to others? not just in terms of sound quality but actual ability to read, analyze and play them?

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    you are ripping at a very low kps. Try ripping them in 320kps and see if that changes it.
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    Read this and get back to us

    My advice:

    1. Always manually grid your tracks
    2. Always manually grid your tracks

    Good luck.
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    What S/W are you ripping to?

    Looks like you MIGHT have had an effect engaged (Echo/Delay/Ping Pong?) when you ripped it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester View Post
    Seems like a slight error in the rip. Traktor is rather sensitive to such errors, whereas most players are more forgiving.
    This is the right answer.

    There was either grit or grease on the disc when you ripped it, and it encoded the skipping error as an audio artifact.

    Youll need to re rip or buy a good version if your disc is stuffed.

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