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I asked for a -6dB internal digital pad option on the CDJs. Pulse says that the CDJ analog out already has some type of (I presume digital) headroom prior to the DAC stage to prevent intersample distortion on their DACs. Could possibly be the case, though as I've mentioned, the CDJs are bit-perfect from the SPDIF at zero pitch, so it'd have to be specific to the bit stream going to the DAC. When I'm over the flu and this week's school work, I'll try and do some of the tests from the reddit thread on intersample distortion I found last night. Some guy on there named Arve has come up with a novel means to simply figure out if a device has the issue or not. Might not be an issue on the CDJs, but it also wouldn't be the first time Pioneer pretends everything is fine. I agree it's a minor issue, but no harm checking, especially since this solution in the CDJ line firmware would be so easy.

Pulse is still around? Really? Man...that guy and I got into some big arguments back in the day.

I'd have assumed assholes like me drove him out of it by now.

I'm actually kind of curious how they do that and also achieve the SNR numbers I think I remember them claiming. But, the converters they use are pretty freaking nice. So, I guess it's possible they just built a 25-bit PCM DAC or something.

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