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    Hi DJTT forum,

    I have a question for you experts. I've been DJing for a long time (college radio, home and the very occasional club gig). I started out on vinyl, made to the switch to Serato DVS, then to a Twitch. I loved not having jog wheels on the Twitch, but by not being used to them it has prevented me from being fully comfortable on CDJs for the infrequent club gigs. I cannot justify the cost of buying CDJs myself and I am now in the market for a new controller. Is there a controller that I can use in a non-sync mode (aka manual beat-matching) that would closely mimic a CDJ setup or make the transition not so steep if/when I do play an occasional club gig?

    I can get a used Pioneer DDJ-SX2 in good condition here for about $700 USD ($850 CAD). Would that fit the bill? Any other suggestions that would come in at or below around $900 USD?

    I should mention that having more than 2 channels is a lovely add-on and something I've always wanted.

    Thanks in advance!
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    The DDJ-SX2 will do you just fine. Get that and a monthly subscription for Rekordbox DJ
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    SX2 is good, SZ is better but I should warn you that nothing feels like the real CDJ platters. I even have XDJs and they don't feel like a CDJ platter

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