Hi Techtools Community
I am new to this forum, so big shout out to everybody

I recently purchased the A&H PX5 for the sole purpose of better integrating my Maschine into the setup, as the Midi signal I was using via an aggregate device was out of sync - Thinking a good mixer with MIDI out would solve the problem.

So the Maschine is setup to recieve MIDI from the PX5 - All good, however since most controls on the PX5 is MIDI enabled buttons, they interfere with the Maschine, so when pressing the Filter On/Off it will send a signal to the Maschine and a loud sound plays, this goes for all buttons on the PX5.

I have tried just about everything: Changing the MIDI channel on the PX5 (There are 16)
Checking configs in the Maschine Preference (Can't find any)

Only way I could make it sync is going back to the Traktor Virtual Output - Which I really would like not to use.

I can't seem to find anything on the web - Does anybody know of this issue? A possible way to fix it?
I've seen promo videos of the PX5 where they list equipment you can add extra, and here the Maschine have been mentioned.

Come to think about it, could it possibly be a conflict in the different Controller Mappings I have for Traktor? The PX5 still fires off the Maschine even though Traktor is not opened.

I use the newest Maschine 2 update and Maschine MK2.

Any help/thoughts would be appreciated!

Thank you

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