RGB LED solution for DJTT Arcade Buttons
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    Default RGB LED solution for DJTT Arcade Buttons

    Hi all!

    So I've been wanting to make something with these sanwa arcade buttons that DJTT sells on here and have been looking for a way to RGB-light them kind of like the Midi fighters do.

    What's the proper way to light them? What kind of LEDs do I need? Obviously a regular RGB LED doesn't quite work...

    I found these (https://paradisearcadeshop.com/butto...led-rings.html) which seem to work, but the price is higher than I would like since it would drive the cost of the project up considerably with each button.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Obviously a regular RGB LED doesn't quite work...
    I don't know. Have you tested this? I would order one opaque button (like THIS ONE) and see how light travels through it using a single (bright) LED. If you get a hotspot, you might try 2 LEDs instead of only one. THIS GUY seemed to have a decent result from just one LED. Of course, you're probably going to want to have a responsive LED instead of just being on when pressed, but you get the idea.

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