Hi tech fiends,

I have a Macbook Pro with traktor Scratch Pro 2 and Traktor Kontrol S8 which work fine. No questions with this config.
I am now trying to connect some external hardware: Yamaha DX 200 or Korg Electribe ESX 1. The midi cable is running from the external hardware to my S8 and assigned to Deck D in preferences in traktor Pro 2. I've also assigned the deck itself as direct thru and assigned correclty in controller manager. I've gone through the config settings by NI and looked at youtube videos provided by various DJ tech tool instructors and believe my settings are correct. I am able to send out the midi clock (i've got the box checked in preferences) and clicking on the metronome in traktor pro 2 and then hit send. The external hardware will play and in sync for a bit but eventually will go out of sync and if i stop the deck and restart the signal is lost. I can't think of anything else to change as it does work at the start but then fails to stay in sync after or the external hardware (either one) stop receiving the signal. Any ideas?
thanks in advance.