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    hey guys very new to Traktor and Midi controllers just got my vci yesterday
    anyways Just a question about beat gridding I watched Eans Video on how to do it
    and was just wondering do you always have to keep the first cue point you set to sort out the grid? or can you delete it?

    ean doesnt say nothing in the video on how to store the grid

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    You can set it to any cue point you want mate, once its stored, select it, click map, and then on the one you want. And yes you have to keep it
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    If a track starts and the first grid market doesn't land on the bar i want i just reset and land it somewhere else, seems to cure problems with tracks that start with say a vocal or chords even though I can count the beat in my head i prefer the grids to begin on a bar it's easier

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