Numark PT01 DVS Akai AMX & Serato DJ Pitch Control
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    Default Numark PT01 DVS Akai AMX & Serato DJ Pitch Control

    I have rekindled my interest in turntablism after I got into the portable scene after I got a fader first and then built up into getting the PT01 Scratch and then the PT01 USB cheap on eBay. I know that the type of turntable the PT01s are makes them not the best of equipment but it was a little bit of fun and didn't break the bank. I decided to get the Akai AMX for the Serato DJ DVS option to try to make a setup that I could learn more classic DJ techniques that I tried as a kid.

    Anyway I have used other software experimenting with the Serato 7" vinyl before I got the AMX and I could tell VDJ 8 for example to ignore the manual hardware pitch control and then the decks were in sync with the vinyl still reacting to being touched.

    I have setup Serato DJ on a Macbook Pro bought the DVS expansion and also the pitch N time (was on sale) but I can't find out how to get the software to control the speed of the the two decks enough to make any slight difference in speed ignored.

    I also can't find how to use DVS but control the pitch in the software. I am not sure what the terms and details of what I am trying to explain so excuse any newb nonsense. I am sure that VDJ did the pitch in the software and synced both decks and still reacted to any touch of the record. Is this something basic I am not understanding how to do with Serato DJ? Or is there a setting or mapping I need to change?


    I didn't know this got posted I thought it was deleted so I rewrote it and posted it twice by mistake. The wording is better than the first one so I deleted it and thought it might help to add the text here:

    "I recently rekindled my interest in turntablism after I got a portable fader. I then bought the PT01 Scratch and a Serato 7" vinyl and using the Mixfader had a new hobby. I managed to pick up the PT01 USB on eBay and with a few additions on the cheap soon had a basic two deck setup.

    I know that the type of turntable the PT01s are makes it not the best pro audiophile setup but I am not a DJ and I am happy with the limitations. Now I had played around with the timecode vinyl and built a very cheap and annoyingly complicated DVS system using multiple cheap USB soundcards and connected it to VDJ 8.

    This despite being a rubbish copy of the standard DVS 4x4 soundcard that I couldn't afford, worked fine with each deck having a USB card and the output being the mixed audio so it only needed one output.

    Anyway the point is that despite this being a basic and budget sort of hack to get a two deck DVS system it worked. I wanted to make a less complicated and more professional proper Serato DVS system so I decided to get the Akai AMX. I decided to spend a bit more than I usually do and bought the DVS expansion and the pitch n time expansion as it was on sale.

    So I find that it is not unlike other software I have used but I can't find something that I could do using the old budget VDJ setup. The issue is related to the pitch control and then the software pitch control ability. I am not sure what the exact terminology is so I apologise if I am not making sense.

    Basically I was able to tell VDJ to ignore the slight difference in speed of the decks and to get the speed of the tracks to be fixed BUT if I touched the record it reacted. In Serato DJ DVS the pitch of the decks is exactly what the motor speed is and to get any pitch adjustment using the AMX I have to turn DVS off. Even the sync button will lose sync quickly.

    I am sure that I am missing something here. The AMX has pitch control. I could get VDJ to sync the two decks and then using the apps pitch slider could get the tempo dropped to half the speed but it was still responding to physical scratch and juggling of the vinyl. It seems like the settings for DVS are different but surely if VDJ can use Serato vinyl and control the pitch in the software then the Serato DJ software can do the same?

    I have been looking for the answers but as most people have turntables and CDJs with advanced pitch faders the situation is not quite the same. Sorry for my newb terminology but I can't find the right answer anywhere else."

    I am sorry for the double posting but the first one didn't come out right.
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