I didn't know what to put as a prefix for this mix because I went a bit all over the place. This is the first hour taken from a 4 hour sunrise set I played this past weekend into Sunday morning. A journey through deep, progressive, techno, and breaks. Started in the dark and ended in the light. One of my favourite timeslots to play. Hope you enjoy

Cid Inc. - Obsidian
Lauhaus - Dyson Sphere
Trevino - Eclipse
Answer Code Request - Zeitspielraum
Stenny - Lights On
Josh Wink - Are You There (Ben Klock Remix)
Moderat - Running (Shed Remix)
Rudolf C - Chinaski
Edit Select - Aurian
phon.o - schn33
Vizar - The Time
Gorje Hewek & Izhevski - Inspire
Modd - Guron
Gab Rhome, Daniel Maher - Farewell At The Gates Of Dawn