[Drum and Bass] Thank Margaret Thatcher for Jungle!!! Edit Remaster
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    Default Thank Margaret Thatcher for Jungle!!! Edit Remaster

    https://www.mixcloud.com/samuel-meek...e-/+Remastered with new intro and outro and liner notes addendum

    This is a mix dedicated to connecting the dots in this music's history, because to me that is the type of journey I like in a mix. This follows what I like to call the "Dara" rule; anything included that was produced after 1999 has been carefully selected and shall not upset the Chi of the old school. The title refers to what I believe was the driving force behind the Jamaican Commonwealth folks and the British kids coming together in creative and joyous rebellion against the suffocating pressures that they then
    faced. This idea is not mine, but I have to concede that when I checked to see if anyone else made the connection I was shocked that wiki quotes Simon Reynolds. "In Simon Reynolds' view, jungle was a form of cultural expression for London's lower class urban youth. The Post-Thatcherite United Kingdom of the early 1990s had left many urbanites (especially young urbanites) disenfranchised and disillusioned with a seemingly crumbling societal structure.
    The notion that music binds the minds of people together is the product of thousands of years of human socialization. The greeks had the role filled by characters that are and were the folks whom no matter the type of tyranny that folks find themselves under joy and reverence afforded the musician. The facts are that man has consistently availed the wondrous glee that music produces with perhaps not a single exception. I would imagine that in North Korea the manner most people deal with that horrific reality is through a good K-Pop fandango. As such my choice of Jungle has resulted in the mending of racial animosities that laws, brutality and will of those in power have been unable to render. Thank Margaret Thatcher is no hyperbolic statement of a mind deranged from bass, rather the opinion of mankind supports it and I say that notwithstanding her personal shortcomings the old bag gets no marks of failing from me. Save for the Falklands….She fucked that up but good. Zach, Jason, Stu, Joey, Clay and Josh all have there roles in this process and there mentioning is done to not recognize their personas rather their personage. Rave……
    The Way of the Gun Sarah Silverman intro
    1 Strange Days Trailerby The Magic Man
    2_Dope_Man_Remasterby Sappo
    3Jungle_Brothers_-_Jungle_Brother_by Aphrodite_Urban_Takeover_remix
    4- So much troubleby Kenny Ken
    5Deeper Loveby -Bladrunner
    6RIP-Vubeyby Rem arc
    7769219_Renegade_Snares_by High_Contrast_Remix
    8209401_Hammerhead_by zinc
    96192778_Tek_Nuh_Chat_feat__by Readers feat Original_Mix
    10-King oF the Beatsby Aphrodite
    11- Junglist Soldierby Stevie Hyper D
    12-Blackby Dj SS
    13I Got 5 On It -(Original Dub Plate)by DJ Aphrodite Remix
    14King of the Jungle-VIPby Sub Base-
    15Revolusionby (UZ Remix)
    16Wishing On A Starby Aphrodite-
    17-I Sellaisieby Bladerunner Remix
    19Da Base II Darkby Asylum-
    20Benny Page Remix -urda Youby Kenny Ken - M
    21Sight Beyond RemixJoby John B
    22The Harder They Comeby Trailer
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