Midi Fighter Utility on Linux?
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    Default Midi Fighter Utility on Linux?

    Hi! I'm planning och getting a Midi Fighter Twister and I'm running Bitwig on Linux so I tried to start the utility in wine and it installed and started flawlessly. The question is if it will detect a controller and do stuff with it?

    Is anybody able to test/confirm this for me?

    Also I noticed that the utility is written in QT. Do you have a lot of platform specific stuff in there? Could you not just build it for Linux? Or release the source as you have with the firmware for the MF Twister and let interested community port it?

    This is the firmware i guess:

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    I haven't been able to get the utility to find my Midi Fighter 3D running under wine. It might be possible, but it definitely doesn't work out of the box.

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