DJM 850 Cue vs Master Latency?
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    Default DJM 850 Cue vs Master Latency?


    I have just shifted from NI S4 to Pioneer XDJ1000mk2 and DJM 850 and need some valued guidance..

    When i prepping a mix in my headphones, the beats sound fully aligned but when I bring the tune in to the live mix, the phase sounds off and I have to use the jog to re-align. Is it because the resolution is greater on the pioneer kit and therefore shows the smallest mix imperfection or maybe because there is greater sound separation between tracks?

    I started with CDJ500's/DJM500 in the 90's - transferred to NI and have moved back to pioneer just recently. I seem to remember a similar challenge back then as well..didnt seem to have this issue with NI kit..

    My headphones are Sennheiser HD25's- 15yrs old i think but still great. rca connections from player to mixer. Short cable to my monitors..

    Advice/ideas/guidance much appreciated.

    Thanks to all

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    What kind of monitors? Some people who use hi-fi amplifiers or stereo systems with DSP processing had similar issues caused by the delay. If you have another pair of speakers to test try that. Mixers should not have any noticeable delay between cue and master output.
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    i dj'd off one of those samsung soundbars and had the same issue. i guarantee its theres a digital processor in there. id bet a lot of money to say you dont have an issue with your mixer/xdjs

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    Never had this issue with my 850 - and I'm using 30 year old hi-fi speakers and a T-Amp...
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