Tone play nanopad2
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    Default Tone play nanopad2

    can anyone help me set up my korg nanopad2 for tone play in traktor
    or if anyonehave a midimap , thank you

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    I'm working on such a mapping for the MF3D currently (and F1). It can be achieved with multiple commands mapped to a button(s).

    Add In > Deck Common > Cue (if Deck is Stopped)

    Add In > Deck Common > Cup (if deck is playing)
    note: be sure that the Cup Mode is set to "Instant" (Preferences>Transport)

    Add In > Track Deck > Key Adjust (set different value for each pad/button)
    note: Check out DJ Rafik's Maschine mapping for tone play, you can download it (it's free) and copy a values in to your mapping.

    If your nanopad has a Pad Editor, this could be easy as taking previously mentioned mapping and programming the same MIDI Notes that Maschine uses.

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