im going nuts and I need help please! CDJ 2000 Nexus
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    Exclamation im going nuts and I need help please! CDJ 2000 Nexus

    First off I would like to say hello!

    I own a pair of Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus. one of my CDJ's jog wheels starting making a really loud noise so I took it apart to clean it and lubricate the bearings in it. Well, when I had put it back together I cut it on and loaded a track. I play in vinyl mode so I go to use the top of the platter to adjust and notice when I turned the jog wheel it would skip around and would barely go in reverse. I cut off the CDJ and went into Service Mode and it was skipping around in that as well.

    Service Mode:

    Jog wheel skipping around

    after going to work and coming home last night and messing with it some more I got it so it would start to go in reverse but not much movement on it. I know that there is a sensor which reads a clear disk with black lines on it. Part No. (DWX3349) which is connected to the JFLB ASSY. Now, this is what my new problem is. The JOG Wheel direction is backward!!! Forward is Reverse and Reverse is Forward!! any suggestions would be great as I am going nuts trying to figure this out. The CDJ is currently taken apart and I will post a video shortly of what it is doing now.

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    NOTE* I have updated the firmware to the latest version

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    hey, so I got the problem fixed with the skipping it turned out it was the sensor that reads this clear disk with lines in it.. now I need to figure out why forward is backwards and backwards is forward

    here is a video of what is happening

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    I am still having this issue with the jog wheel being reversed if anyone can help me

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