Rekordbox or Serato
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    Default Rekordbox or Serato

    Im about to buy Rane SL3 but am really torn about whether I should just completely jump ship to Rekordbox and imvest i that i stead (which I think is maybe cheaper).
    It seems like this would be a more straightforward easier option and from what ive seen from the djs ive worked the clubs with, this is what they all use (albeit on usb sticks)
    I dont want to play from sticks, this is why I like Serato.
    What is Rekordbox like to actually play live with (compared to Serato) and also functions etc compared to Serato.

    Overall, is it a wise move or not?


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    Ive used both. Both of my latest two mixers (Mixars Duo and Xone DB2) were both Serato based mixers. Needless to say, I prefer using them with Rekordbox DJ. The workflow is more intuitive and I dont need to keep jumping back and forth between software platforms just to be able to use c/xdj's.
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    I would go with rekordbox all they long. It is very smooth and i like the layout a lot compared to serato!

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    I have no experience with Rekordbox - but I do use Serato DJ and Mixvibes Cross DJ, and Mixvibes developed the original Rekordbox (for Pioneer).

    If the underlying engine or algorithm is still anything like the one in Cross DJ, it is one of the finest pieces of DJ software ever written. You can jump all over the waveform, and it all happens so smoothly - definitely better than Serato.

    I'd actually recommend Cross DJ except, sadly, there has been no continued development for almost two years. At this time they seem to be concentrating only on phone/tablet apps.
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