Small glitch when loading effects
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    Default Small glitch when loading effects

    Hi all,

    I have noticed that when I load certain effects (filters, reverb) in Traktor Pro 2 you can hear a very small glitch/muted audio when you load the effect to an fx unit. I have no idea what produces this.

    For example I have mapped to a button commands that it loads the reverb/filter to fx unit 1, sets d/w to 0 and fx unit 1 on in deck X (where music is playing).

    If I modify the command to not turn the fx units on while loading only the effect parameters, it does not produce any glitch. But when I turn the fx unit on manually with another button that controls fx unit on/off, it produces the glitch when turning on, even the fx has been loaded earlier.

    It might have something to do with the midi messages transmitting between the controller (Maschine) and Traktor. I tried to modify it so that Unit ON (button - hold) is bind to same knob that that FX unit d/w. With this workaround (although not 100% sure) it is not producing the glitch.

    Does anyone have any insights related to this?
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    please see a demo of this issue here:

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