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I mapped the seek position command with a Twister knob. It mapped fine but the functionality wasn't there. It lacked sensitivity when Direct was selected for interaction type and with Relative it wouldn't allow for proper seeking back and forth through a track as it wouldn't go past a certain point in the track not allowing me to completely seek back and forth.
Check your encoder settings in the MF Utility. Under "Encoder MIDI Type" select "CC" and then use Fader-Direct mapping for your Seek Position command. However this command alone won't act in a same way as "MOVE" encoder on X1, S4, etc.

To do so combine three different commands in to one macro knob mapping:
(Be sure to use 3Fh encoder settings for this one)

Add In -> Deck Common -> Move -> Size Selector (selects for how many beats track jumps in both directions)
Type: Button
Mode: Direct

Add In -> Deck Common -> Move -> Mode Selector (selects ether JUMP to seek trough a track or LOOP to move loop trough the track) (you can also define this via dedicated "Is In Active Loop" modifier)
Type: Button
Mode: Direct

Add In -> Deck Common -> Move -> Move
Type: Encoder
Mode: Relative (start at 30% sensitivity and adjust to your preference)