Always have to reconnect MF Twister after every reboot
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    Default Always have to reconnect MF Twister after every reboot

    Hey Everyone.

    I've got a problem with my Twister (up to date Firmware) on Windows 7 SP1. I have to reconnect (USB connector out and in again) the Twister after every reboot for it to be recognized. If i startup with the Twister plugged in i get an "Unknown Device" Error. Once i reconnect everything is fine. There's also no reinstalling of the driver. It just recognizes the Twister and thats it. But i have to do this every time after a reboot

    I've already tried to:

    - use different USB Ports
    - use different USB Cables
    - Disable the Option to Save Power if idle in all the USB Root Hubs in the Device Manager
    - Disabling "Selective Suspend" for USB in the Energy Settings for Battery and Plugged in options
    - Emptying the Midi Port List (This weird thing where Windows runs into problems when there are more then 10 midi device are installed) and reinitializing all my midi devices with the Twister being first
    - Uninstalling and Reboot reinstall every single USB Controller in the Device Manager (also the hidden ones), like the whole list.
    - reinstalling chip set drivers
    - uninstalling and reinstalling all other entries in device manager for the Twister
    - trying to boot the MF Twister alone, with all other midi devices uninstalled on every usb port i've got

    Finally i've tried the starting up with the MF Twister plugged in on a different Laptop multiple Times and i had the exact same behaviour.

    Thx everyone. Cheers

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    Hey Glint Eye,

    This sounds like a bad driver installation.Did you by chance plugged your Twister via USB HUB while performing the firmware update?

    Also, try out installing the recovery firmware.
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