Traktor - SEND OUT LED Mapping: Midi Command VS Mouse-Clicking Command (Xone4D)
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    Angry Traktor - SEND OUT LED Mapping: Midi Command VS Mouse-Clicking Command (Xone4D)


    i'm a bit frustrated already with following issue and hopefully you can help me out.
    I think this problem counts in general.

    I would like to light up a LED whether it is activated by Midi Command or by mouse clicking in Traktor, but by having a mode running.
    For keeping it simple I suggest to take Play/Pause.

    Play/Pause | In | Deck A | Toggle | Ch16.Note.D2 |

    Everthing works like it should: Pressing the midi button plays (and pauses) the deck and lights on (and off) the LED during playing (or pausing).
    The problem is if I click the button inside Traktor by mouse it has no effect on the LED on the controller. So when I start the deck by pushing the button by midi control the button lights up. After mouse clicking in Traktor on play/pause button, the led at the controller remains lit up, but the track paused.

    Okay no problem, we can use SEND OUT:

    Play/Pause | Out | Deck A | Output | Ch16.Note.D2 - Controller Range: Min:0 - Max:0

    That way the LED lights up when Deck is played or paused by mouse clicking.

    But when I map these two commands above togehter the LED does not remains lit up after pressing the midi button.

    So my question is:

    How can I map my Xone 4D for having the LED lighting up if I control by mouse clicking and pressing the midi button.

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    Controller Range: Min:0 - Max:1

    Controller Range: Min:1 - Max:1

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    I'll refer you to the manual page 12 ( for configuring the light pipes and midi settings.

    You're basically just in the wrong mode.
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