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    So im wondering how other djs upload mixes on youtube and dont have copyrighty flag their shit? i upload one and it gets flagged right away. yet i see other djs using songs in the mixes that i use and they have no problems. what gives?

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    Ive got the same problem. So, in my opinion, these people (with bigger audience) have got kind off agreement between each other (between djs and labels) so the labels can still ear money although the music is playing from another channel. Ive got small audience on yt so the better solution for labels is it block my video because of the copyright cause they wouldn't make good money from my channel.

    I think thats how it works, but I would like to know, when we can "cooperate" with labels
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    I think it's really down to how annoying each label is. I haven't looked into it in very much depth, but I'd be wiling to bet that it's specific labels that are the problem.

    I also don't think labels make any money off plays from youtube. But, I could be wrong.

    If you want to, I'd consider marking any tracks in mixes that get flagged and see if a trend develops over time. You can also appeal the takedown request and make an argument for fair use. It might be worth trying that, especially if every mix is getting flagged.

    There are also other video sites that are less annoying about copyright claims, a few made specifically for DJ mixes. DJWorx, DigitalDJTips, and probably others have guides to it. The problem with them is narrower reach than youtube or facebook.

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    Here is what it boils down to. That track you played is not an original production belonging to you. The artist and label both have the right to decide which mediums the music that they own is played on. To avoid potential issues, youtube's algorithm just tackles the problem indiscriminately. The server space is rented and managed by youtube.

    If you are mixing live, youtube rarely pulls down a livestream, but it will remove the video once the broadcast is finished.

    If you are adamant about having your mixes posted as video, get some webspace and host the videos on your own.
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