Iím looking to start digital djing, I have an iMac what else do I need?
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    Default Iím looking to start digital djing, I have an iMac what else do I need?

    In terms of DJ Software and DJ controllers and such, I sometimes make tracks on Logic Pro X thatís about it, Iíve had no experience with DJing ever, so I just need to know about the equipment I need? Iím planning to DJ live on twitch and have people request tracks so I software or app that would do that would be great.

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    1. budget
    2. take a look at ableton, traktor, serato, VDJ, Mixxx, rekordbox, etc...lots to choose from these days software wise
    3. all in one? modular?
    4. do wants and don't wants?

    we could go on and on...
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    Are you going to DJ with the tracks that you've made? Streaming copyrighted music will get your stream blocked on most platforms (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook etc.)
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    Also, go ahead and download a demo version of each available DJ software and find one that works and look best for you.

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