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So, it's been a long time since I've used VDJ. I think I tried a demo as one of my first forays into DJing before I gave up and bought used 1210s and a cheap mixer (in 2004 IIRC).

That being said...according to some of the mobile/wedding guys I respect, VDJ works very well with huge libraries....like the 30-40,000 songs you might "need" as a wedding DJ just so you'll probably have those 2-3 that the bride & groom really want.

I'm pretty sure that Traktor won't deal well with a library that size. Serato coughed years ago (2006ish) when I tried to import my entire iTunes library, and it wasn't nearly that big.

So, there's that. I can definitely see it for mobile DJs.

For "genre" DJing...I just don't see why it's a better solution. If you want to go DVS, Rekordbox DVS or Serato DVS are your best bets at not having to carry all your junk based on the clubs I've seen. If you're going all-controller, I haven't seen anythign in the VDJ world quite as well-done as the Serato and Traktor controllers.

FWIW, I've done "everything"....some better than others. And it really does just come down to preference. Mine is for Traktor if a computer is involved....mostly because of aesthetics and because I haven't really tried to do anything that it couldn't handle.