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    Sooooo.... a cheap DVS soundcard, mixer, controller and built like an absolute tank.

    I had one for a few years and honestly no complaints whatsoever except for the lack of touch sensitive jogwheels.

    You can pick them up second hand for under $100.

    It'd work with VDJ, Mixxx and Mixvibes mac, linux and win compatible.

    I am adverse to computers
    Genuinely cannot understand why you'd be going with Linux ? You can pick up Win10 pro OEM licences for $10 on ebay and it should run everything well even on a low end machine once you have adequate ram (4gb) and an i3 or higher - I'm a Mac guy and stayed away from Windows on all my personal machines for years until 10 came along, they did a damn good job with it.

    A Chunky i3 Dell or Lenovo with 4gb ram and a shot battery can be had for in or around $100-150 or if you want something really unique, i3/5 Toughbooks can be had for around $200 on ebay and good for throwing at zombies when the apocalypse comes (and be dusted off and still play a set when all is clear).

    I'd pop in a 120gb ssd for $50 - it'll make an immense difference.

    My 2 cents.

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