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    Default cancel tracks

    i have a music keyboard. in my keyboard i can mute and cancel rhythm(styles)
    i know dj software works by WAV or mp3
    but my question is this
    can a dj software cancel or mute parts of a song especially VOCAL,and,...
    thank you

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    Nope. Afraid not.
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    Only with Traktor and STEMS. Or maybe Ableton, if the parts are already separated.

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    That's a question literally everyone asks when they're starting DJing or looking into it. And,'s an open problem in computer science to get AI to do it. So...maybe one day.

    But, after you collapse to a stereo audio file, you lose all of the separation of parts. You might as well ask if a speaker can just not play back far as math goes (or electronics), it's the same question.

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